Frequently asked questions

Where Are Your Ingredients Sourced?

All of the raw ingredients in our Super Greens product are sourced from USA suppliers. All of our products are made in the USA, and all of the ingredients are organic. Does that mean that all of the ingredients are grown in the USA? Well, that gets a little more complicated. All of our suppliers have different sources for the raw ingredients they find for us. Availability can fluctuate, which means sometimes those ingredients are grown outside the US.

But no matter where our ingredients are grown, they all follow the extremely strict standards required to be certified as USDA organic. We want to be completely transparent with you about what goes into our products, and we want you to be completely satisfied with what you receive. That's why we use only organic raw ingredients. It's also why we work with suppliers who are committed to making sure their sources are of exceptionally high quality.

Are Your Super Greens Vegan?

Unfortunately for our vegan friends our Super Greens are not vegan. The probiotics we use are derived from dairy.

Are Your Beet Powder and Capsules Vegan?

Yes, absolutely.

What Dosage Are Your Beet Capsules?

The suggested dosage for our beet capsules is 3 500mg capsules once a day.

How Many Beet Capsules Come in a Bottle?

Each bottle contains 30 servings, or 90 capsules.

Do Your Products Contain Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, or Eggs?

Not at all! None of our formulations use any of these common food allergens.

What is the shelf life without impact on flavor, quality?

The shelf life is 3 years from production date. The 3 year expiration date is printed on the bottom of each bottle.

Are Your Products Tested for Lead?

Emphatically yes. We take our product safety extremely seriously. Every batch we make is tested by a third party for lead. Any batch that doesn't pass with flying colors is rejected. Only products that are confirmed to be safe are sent to market.

Has this been tested for lead and other metals?

Yes, every batch is tested by a third party for lead and all other metals. If a batch does not pass the test, it is rejected. Only batches that pass these tests go to market.

What Other Types of Third Party Testing Do Your Products Go Through?

Glad you asked! The Natural Products Analytics Group tests all of our products. They look specifically for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. If a batch comes even close to failing any tests we dispose of it.

Do Your Super Greens Contain Probiotics?

They do! Each scoop has a serving of Blue Agave Inulin. This prebiotic is affectionately referred to as a "super fiber." It keeps your digestion going by giving plenty of nutrition to the good bacteria residing in your gut.

Do Your Super Greens Contain Added Sweeteners?

Nope! Because they just don't need them. Why mess around with stevia, monk fruit, or other added sweeteners when our raw materials are delicious in themselves? Our super greens have a naturally sweet flavor from the fruits we use to make it, as well as the prebiotic agave inulin.

Do Your Products Contain Green Tea or Caffeine?

Nope, no green tea or caffeine to be found here. Gotta get your morning jolt somewhere else ;)

Does Your Beet Root Powder Contain Red Dye?

Absolutely, positively NOT. We do not use dyes of any kind in any of our products, including our beet root powder.

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

You bet they are! Both our beet powders and super greens are free of gluten.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Your Products After Opening?

Nope! As long as they're properly closed they'll keep just fine in the cabinet.

What Kind of Shelf Life Do Your Products Have?

Properly stored, our products stay in great shape for 3 years past their production date. Find the expiration date at the bottom of each jar.

What Should I Mix My Beet Powder With?

That's up to you! If you're looking for the same experience as drinking a glass of beet juice, we recommend mixing one scoop of powder with 8oz of water. You can also add a scoop to your favorite smoothie or soup.

What Should I Mix My Greens Powder With?

This is one of our favorite questions because there are so many different answers. The short response is "mix it with whatever you want!" We love mixing it with water for a quick, refreshing shot of nutrition. We also like it with nut milk for something a little creamier. Blend it up into a smoothie, or throw it in with your protein powder. Use it to top off a smoothie bowl or yogurt parfait. Sprinkle it on top of cereal. Add it to your cold brew. The sky's the limit. Check out our blog for more ideas!

Do Your Super Greens Count as a Serving of Vegetables?

Nutritionists would say that our greens powder is not a replacement for a serving of vegetables, and we agree. What it does do is boost your intake of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics. This will support your gut and digestive system, which will make it easier to digest all the other delicious fruits and vegetables you have in your diet.